Seeing This Spiritual Sign Can Mean You Need To Be More Selfish


In tarot readings, the Queen of Wands is a passionate, powerful, and progressive figure, according to spiritual author and tarot expert Claire Goodchild. The symbolism in this card is deep, featuring a queen seated on a throne, with a staff in one hand and a sunflower in the other. Often, a black cat is seen sitting at her feet, and the throne depicts two lions fighting above her head.

“Because she is brimming with creative energy, the Queen of Wands is a welcome addition to any tarot reading, whether she appears in an upright or reversed position,” Goodchild says.

Upright, this card encourages you to take risks and chances to better your personal circumstances, she explains, noting that no matter what challenges or obstacles you face, you will have the resources and confidence to see yourself through to the other side.

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, on the other hand, Goodchild says the card is asking you to consider options carefully before making a decision. “You have all the knowledge and the skills you need to be successful, but you don’t want to rush the process,” she adds.


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