Seize The Day With This Quick Strength & Conditioning Routine


All we ever have to work with is the present moment… But when we choose to sweat it out today, we can promise ourselves a stronger tomorrow. So in the spirit of carpe diem, we’ve partnered with Under Armour and fitness coach Lacee Lazoff to create an epic strength and conditioning workout using some of our favorite gear: dumbbells. These dynamic moves are designed to push your limits and challenge what you thought was possible. Concluding with a strength meditation, this workout is about harnessing physical and mental strength for a brighter tomorrow. Optimism isn’t something you fall into—it’s something you cultivate. And this video is your next step to silver linings.

We recommend dumbbells for this routine, but kettlebells also work! Don’t forget: Strength is built where our body meets the edge… And for that, we need gear that’s up for the challenge, starting with the Under Armour Meridian Ankle Leggings, engineered for next-level softness while sweat-wicking like a champ. They pair perfectly with the ultra-supportive and light fit of the UA Infinity High Sports Bra and UA HOVR™ Apex 3 Training Shoes, designed to cushion your most explosive movements. Gear up and get ready to take this (and every) workout by storm. 


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