Affirmations are phrases that state what energy we would like to embody in the present moment. “I am…” statements are the most common, but they can take other forms like “I will…” or “I believe…”

Simply reciting these affirmations alone will not manifest someone into your life, but by grounding these statements in the present tense, you’re acknowledging that your highest self is already here, within. (Versus if you continue to speak in the future sense, which creates distance between yourself and your manifestations.)

Be sure that affirmations are still realistic, too. As Chan explains, “If your brain actually doesn’t believe [the affirmation], it inherently rejects it as true. It could actually do more damage. So you never want to go with the total opposite of what you believe. Start with something closer to the truth.”

For example, rather than saying a definitive affirmation like, “I am in the best relationship of my life,” try “I attract loving relationships into my life.”

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