It looks like society had created certain standards and everyone think in the same direction and keep on following without even questioning it.So lets discuss few…

1. To be perfect apperance wise

If a person is not good looking then people doesn’t even stay clam for a second and start judging and passes on tons of  advices . Thus everyone claims for perfect figure…like he or she must not to be fat, skinny,ugly,short heighted etc

 But wait a minute does life comes with an instruction guide or have we given choices before we were created ? No right? Then why to be sad for the thing which is not under our control? But if its under our control then we can definitely work for it.

And to those who passes on those silly comments…why the hell are those people bothered about others life? Like if they really care is different story but majority of times they just want to satisfy their ego. 

 And to those poor people who listen to those comments and blame on themself for entire life for not being perfect…guys however we are its God ‘s gift . And stop blaming yourself. Its like your punishing yourself without your mistake! Each one have their own strength and weakness. Try to love yourself first the way you are…We cannot satisfy entire society but we must definitely be happy within….

Perfection doesn’t exist in reality. Everyone have their own flaws. So its beautiful to be imperfectly happy…

2. Girls work is to cook and boys work is to earn. But why?                                                                                      Even girls should be thought to be independent and boys should know to cook. Afterall cooking and earning both are required for survival and thus both have equal importance. But Why earning money is given more respect and importance then cooking? Just imagine how hard it is for a women to cook and satisfy wants of her beloved family and do everything possible to raise children and still hear stupid comments as if she is not doing anything! One must respect every work...No work is small or big it is just our own perception! 

Just because a mother doens’t earn money it doesn’t mean that she is not working!

3. Money is valued more then people!

We can observe that people started praising us a lot if we are becoming richer and richer each day. People get respect,value from society if they earn good amount.Infact it looks like majority of people’s dream is to be rich and lead luxurious life and that is what they call it as success . But No one is concerned about building good character and being happy and  satisfied by all the things that life offers……. Why money is valued more then anything else? …offcourse money is required for survival. But to survive only for earning money cannot be a good thing right?

Life is more then being rich or poor… It is much more then success or failure…

If you have money people will value you,respect you and as soon as you begin to lose it…they might downgrade you. 

4. Fashion

  • Nowadays fashion industry had changed a lot. 
  • Torn jeans are on trend,
  •  To look smarter men don’t shave and wear big glasses no matter if they really have power or not, 
  • Its been a trend to have big tattoos no matter how painful it is,
  • Its been a trend to wear high heels  and short dresses by women no matter how uncomfortable it is..
  • But what is the logic behind this all things are still a question mark.. Its like people are ready to be uncomfortable and can also tolerate pain just to look cool….Isn’t this a foolishness?….such a funny and weird thing right! Sometimes its beautiful to live a simple and comfortable life rather then just seeing others and blindly following it.

5.Big brands

There are certain brands in the market which had established a very good position in the industry. Its like to wear and use such branded products creates goodwill in the eyes of others…Its nothing wrong in using those products But  the problem is people feel that those products will add value to them…

             To be frank, branded products doesn’t add value to us its only our perception regarding it. We are human beings and those are just products! If anything that can add value to us could be only new knowledge and experience!

Thus in this way we understand how society had created certain standards which required little bit of attention before following it blindly..

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