Spirituality of Sex


Identify your partner’s sexual space 

Never blame your partner and move on, arouse the sexual desire. Love their body and soul. Once you understand your partner’s need you can have your spiritual union. 

 Hear your sexual instinct

Open up your ear and eyes, and allow yourself to hear the inner voice. Let every spiritual sex be a new experience for you and your life. Let every single act during your spiritual sex enlighten the mind, soul, and body. Let sex and spirituality effortlessly merge.

Motivate your brain 

Your spouse, especially women, sex starts in their mind. Their imagination is more powerful than men, so taking them to the height of pleasure needs 100% dedication. The concept of spirituality enables partners to have an emotional attachment throughout their life.

Experience the spiritual orgasm 

Orgasm is the sudden release of a large amount of positive energy. Imbibe this luminous energy and practice to emit the energy. Transcend yourself to the highest peak of sexual moment. Realize the blissful moment with your partner. Always be thankful to each other. Make your life happy with the spiritual concept of love.

Realize the importance of aftercare 

There should be a sudden full stop to your spiritual sex. You need to care for your partner after physical intimacy. Share your experience and appreciate your partner. Remember, the energy you emit during and after spiritual sex is divine. To experience it throughout your life, you need to nourish it.  


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