Strongest beliefs everyone should possess


 So friends, most of you might be having some or the other beliefs in life. But you would have wondered how come some people always stay motivated. It always depends on the consistency in life. Staying motivated means never giving up.

For example : You want to solve a problem of life, you have tried 20 solutions, but you still haven’t solved that problem. In sucha scenario, heart breaks are common, but staying consistent and hopeful that your problem will surely get solved one day becomes immensely important. Bestow your best possible self, to come out of every struggle. When you come out of every struggle , your inner self becomes more strong and more brave to face life. 

Second belief could be to wish best for everyone, irrespective of anyone it maybe. For example: you have a person in your life who has hurted you the most. Some people will tend to take revenge on such a person. But instead of this, you can just stay selfless, wish good for even the worst person and do good to them. As per one of the newtons law “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, if you do good, good will come to you. Its simple, friends, stay hopeful and keep doing good and keep helping people. This universe will do good to you.


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