Struggling With Brain Fog, Tiredness Or Stress? These 7 Nootropics Can Help*


Nootropics are unique compounds that support a diverse range of cognitive functions—including mental clarity and acuity, memory recall and formation, neuronal function, neurotransmitter synthesis and balances, and cognitive task performance. 

At mindbodygreen, we use the term “nootropic” to describe brain-supporting ingredients (i.e., nutrients, botanical phytonutrients, and other bioactives) found in high-quality supplement formulas. 

“Specific mechanisms of action of nootropic ingredients vary, and thus support different cognitive benefits,” mindbodygreen’s nutrition scientist, Emma Engler, M.S., previously shared. “For example, caffeine (arguably the most widely used nootropic) works on adenosine receptors1 supporting mental and physical energy, while citicoline (a potent neuronutrient) supports phospholipid synthesis2 and neuronal health.”*


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