Struggling With Headaches? Experts Recommend This Simple Bedroom Swap


When it comes to finding the best pillow to relieve your headaches, there are a few factors to consider. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Mally Shaw M.S., L.Ac., says, “The goal of a good pillow is to have your cervical spine in alignment with the thoracic spine. This is generally accomplished either on your side or your back.”

This in mind, look for a pillow that allows for proper spine alignment and fills the “gap” between your neck, head, and back when lying down. This will keep your head in a neutral position, in line with your spine. According to experts and extensive research, the best pillows for headaches tend to be made from one of the below materials:

Memory foam: molds to your unique shape to provide comfort and support.

Latex: is buoyant and responsive, excelling at head and neck support.

Down: offers luxurious comfort and malleability for those who shift positions during the night.

Cotton: provides support, holds its shape, and is also good for neck pain.


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