Everyone in the world keeps talking about success…. What comes to your mind if I say person ‘X’ is successful? 

You might immediately assume that he  must be rich , popular and leads a perfect life… 

But why we assume in such ways? 

Success actually means accomplishment of goal but why everyone’s goal lies in name,fame and money? And are we choosing this goals because we want or because of society?

Lets understand about success…

What is Success?

When I asked person A ,he said for him success is earning so much that he never compromise on things he wanted!,

When I asked person B,he said success is having name and fame and whole world should know that he is born!,

When I asked person C,he said having family and strong relation is most important

When I asked person D,he said health is his priority.

When I asked person E ,he said being perfect in every manner is success.

Who according to you is right?

We define success but definition of success keeps on changing based on our wants and requirements…

Everyone is right in its own perception…but this are the not the only things required..

Saddest part was none of them was talking about their happiness ,none of them were concentrating on living today beautiful … 

They want those things so they define it as their success …whatever our dreams are it must give us satisfaction and happiness not just when we achieve dreams but even when we are at beginning stage of accomplishing our dreams and throughout our journey.

When we give priority to our goals but does not understand why we actually want ?life just becomes tasteless  its like working hard enough but dont know why….

Life turns in that way we keep on going and putting pressure on our self and keep trying to impress others but inside us what we find is we forget to enjoy!That magic of life is missed somewhere…

We are born in the planet and we will die one day! At the moment of death would we think about earning more money or being popular,or good relations,or concerned about health or try to be perfect in all things? 

When we will not think about this things when we are above to die then why the hell this things bothered us so much when we are alive?

No doubt that to  be alive we might need certain amount of this things but its not everything right? Isn’t it weird to live such a life by just bothering about this things which doesn’t required a second of attention when we die?

Thus, what truly matter is are you enjoying it and living each day or not? If you made a goal will be happy and satisfied to achieve or not?  In the way of achieving goals whether  you are discovering life or not?  If  your answer is yes you are the most successful.

Because people will only see your success but they will not realize the path you have gone through, and if the path is hard but still if we find the reason of choosing path as well as when we  learn to be happy and satisfied about our journey that itself acts as motivation. And if are happy and enjoying each moment we are living the most beautiful life!

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