The Big Reason So Many Married Women Lose Interest In Sex, According To Research

[ad_1] Firstly, the study found that women shouldering more of the housework were also likely to perceive that dynamic as unfair—and that feeling of unfairness in the relationship was part of what was leading to lower desire for their partner. This is important, the researchers note in the paper, because it refutes the argument that … Read more

Not All Soulmates End Up Together: 8 Signs It's Only Temporary & What To Do

[ad_1] Not all relationships are meant to be forever, including soulmates, and accepting this fact is the first step to making the most of a soul crossing. As therapist Dennis Nguyen, LCSW, previously told mindbodygreen, there will be more opportunities for different connections with different people in the future. “Life will continue on, and there are … Read more

Not Every Relationship With A Narcissist Is Toxic, Study Finds: What To Look For

[ad_1] “Having a rather narcissistic romantic partner does not have to automatically sound the death knell for your own mental health,” Lautenbacher explained. “We did not detect clear trends of worse (or better) mental health for individuals with increasingly narcissistic partners.” But there’s a big caveat to that, he pointed out: “Keep in mind that … Read more

What Are *Your* Red Flags? How To Do A Self-Assessment, From Therapists

[ad_1] “When I think of red flags, I think about the nonstarters or ‘hard stops’ that might come up in relationships that essentially make a relationship between people unsustainable,” explains Jor-El Caraballo, LMHC, licensed therapist and co-founder of Viva Wellness. Others may describe it as a trait or behavior they notice in someone else that … Read more