This Heart-Healthy Nut Is A Satisfying, Sustainable Alternative To Almonds

[ad_1] Even though macadamia nuts are high in fat and calories, they can actually be a great addition to a healthy diet for weight loss. Some research suggests that tree nuts could even protect against weight gain, thanks to their ability to reduce appetite10, boost metabolism, and enhance the health of the gut microbiome. According … Read more

Nutrition Experts Really Want You To Eat More Of These Anti-Inflammatory Nuts

[ad_1] Even though pine nuts are nutritious and have been linked with a number of health benefits, they aren’t suitable for everyone.  Pine nuts are considered a tree nut and aren’t safe for people who are allergic to tree nuts. Pine nut allergies can cause life-threatening symptoms, including swelling of the tongue and throat and … Read more

Health Experts Want You To Ditch This Cooking Oil & Use It For Skincare Instead

[ad_1] Safflower oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the safflower plant, a member of the sunflower family1. The flower thrives in arid climates2, such as those found in South Asia, China, India, Iran, and Egypt, and has long been used3 for medicinal purposes, including the treatment of menstrual pain and dysfunction, … Read more

Does Skipping Breakfast Actually Help You Lose Weight? Here's What To Know

[ad_1] Some variations of intermittent fasting (like 16:8 fasts or 18:6 fasts) involve simply skipping breakfast in the morning and eating a late lunch. However, according to Steve Hendricks, a fasting expert, journalist, and author of The Oldest Cure in the World: Adventures in the Art and Science of Fasting, it may be best to … Read more

Adding This To Your Coffee Is "Magic" For Controlling Cravings, Says An MD

[ad_1] “The real magic here is mixing your caffeine with fat,” she declares. You see, fat slows the release of caffeine, which ultimately prolongs that dopamine hit. Caffeine itself provides more of a jolt of dopamine—that’s why you may experience a rush of energy only to crash hours later. “What the fat does is slow … Read more

Health Experts Really Want You To Eat Less Of This Highly Refined Oil

[ad_1] According to Jenna Macciochi, Ph.D., an immunologist who specializes in understanding the connection between lifestyle and immune function, vegetable oil tends to be high in omega-6 fatty acids. “These are the raw materials for our cells to make inflammatory mediators like prostaglandins,” she explains. Macciochi notes that regular consumption of omega-6 fatty acids could … Read more

When To Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil—And When You Can Get Away With Regular

[ad_1] Important to note here: “The amount of polyphenols in any given oil is determined by many factors, such as growing conditions,” Nielsen says. “Oils that are unfiltered retain the highest amount of these phytochemicals.” Most EVOOs in your average supermarket are filtered and contain fewer polyphenols—though they’re certainly still beneficial! In addition to those … Read more

Lean Proteins Aren’t Always Healthier: Here’s What To Choose Instead

[ad_1] This doesn’t mean you should make butter, fatty cuts of meat, and cream the focus of your diet, but it’s important to choose foods based on their nutritional value rather than their fat, cholesterol, or calorie content. Abby K. Cannon, JD, RD, CDN, agrees. “I’m more concerned with quality than leanness,” Cannon tells mindbodygreen. … Read more