The Wellness Routine White Lotus Star Meghann Fahy Swears By

[ad_1] If you haven’t seen White Lotus already, you surely know somebody that has. The second installment of the series was an instant obsession for plenty of folks (myself included), much thanks to Meghann Fahy’s turn as the multi-layered and cynically hilarious Daphne Sullivan Of course, this star-making role wasn’t her first. You may also … Read more

Once & For All: How Often Should You Dye Your Hair? Plus, Color Maintenance Tips

[ad_1] “A double process is a bleach-on-root application, also known as a global application. This process should be done every three to four weeks or when you have ½ an inch of regrowth,” Paglionico says. “This needs to be done more often, because the bleach is applied directly to the scalp, which warms up the … Read more

Do Hair Supplements Work? What The Pros Recommend For Hair Growth

[ad_1] We’re going to be real with you here: This is a complicated topic. Hair growth and health are influenced by many factors—both internal and external. That being said, many people swear by hair vitamins and supplements to help support hair health overall.*  Now, the theory behind hair supplements really comes down to internal structural … Read more

This Treatment Is A Healing Elixir For Dry, Damaged Hair

[ad_1] The buzzword: bond-builders. This is a general term for products that contain nourishing ingredients like keratin, biotin, hydrolyzed quinoa, amino acids, or proteins.  “Topical protein treatments such as keratin or bond-strengthening shampoos revitalize hair and promote stronger hair strands,” hairstylist Miko Branch, co-founder of hair care brand Miss Jessie’s, previously told mbg.  She adds, … Read more

Struggling With Hair Loss? This Common Vitamin Deficiency Could Be To Blame

[ad_1] In one case report published in Annals of Dermatology, a seven-year-old boy with reduced vitamin D receptor (VDR) expression in alopecia areata had new hair growth after six weeks2 of applying a topical vitamin D analog (calcipotriol) daily. Complete regrowth was found after three months of application and no hair loss was observed for … Read more

These 12 Pro Tips Are The Secret Answers To Finally Getting Shiny, Glossy Hair

[ad_1] First up, a supercharged wash routine. “Clarifying shampoos are great when hair looks dull,” hair and curl expert stylist Candace Witherspoon explains. See, too much product, be it from leave-in treatments, dry shampoo, hair spray, etc., can build up on the hair over time.  When this happens, your true strands can’t shine through all … Read more