Replenish Your Nutrients & Maintain Balance With These Electrolyte Powders

Hydration is essential to our overall health, asserts Jennifer Hankenson, M.D., a Yale Medicine physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and Yale School of Medicine’s assistant professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation. Our bodies need essential minerals, known as electrolytes, to maintain fluid balance and regulate cellular activities, explains Hankenson. These electrolytes consist of sodium, chloride, calcium, … Read more

The Wellness Routine White Lotus Star Meghann Fahy Swears By

[ad_1] If you haven’t seen White Lotus already, you surely know somebody that has. The second installment of the series was an instant obsession for plenty of folks (myself included), much thanks to Meghann Fahy’s turn as the multi-layered and cynically hilarious Daphne Sullivan Of course, this star-making role wasn’t her first. You may also … Read more

Water Recipes That Pack The Electrolytes Of A Sports Drink — With Way Less Sugar

[ad_1] Unlike sports drinks, herbal waters provide the electrolytes you need without sugary additives or preservatives. Some examples of electrolytes include sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium. Herbs naturally contain small amounts of many of these minerals, so when we add herbs to water, we create a DIY electrolyte drink that’s healthier than most … Read more

This Plumping Ingredient Hydrates Skin From The Inside Out (Not Hyaluronic Acid)

[ad_1] Are ceramide supplements a cure for eczema? No. However, they can be helpful to encourage more hydrated skin from within. See, everyone has ceramides naturally, but not everyone has the same amount.  And without ceramides, your skin barrier will become compromised. “Skin with inadequate skin barrier functions like eczema and atopic dermatitis have low … Read more

Puffy Eyes? Try These Quick Fixes To Reduce The Swelling, Stat

[ad_1] To help deflate the skin in a pinch, many reach for eye masks or patches: These serum-soaked swishes hydrate and cool the area, and many are infused with vasoconstrictors (like caffeine and green tea) that constrict blood vessels and dial down inflammation. Plus, “The pressure from the patches decreases the amount of space fluid … Read more

Try These Under Sink Filters For Cleaner, Better Tasting Water

[ad_1] This wallet-friendly under sink water filter is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their tap water for a lower investment. Each system is made from BPA- and lead-free materials that are either WQA- or NSF/ANSI-approved. It does a great job at reducing impurities, like lead, chlorine, and heavy metals, often found in … Read more

This Velvety Body Cream Rivals Luxury Options For A Fraction Of The Price

[ad_1] If you’re familiar with mbg’s personal care line, then you know we’re sticklers for skin barrier support. This body cream fits right into the roster, as it’s rich in botanical butters, oils, and nourishing extracts to feed skin with fatty acids and antioxidants. Think: certified organic aloe (great for dark spots), shea butter, mango … Read more

Here, A 3-Step Routine For Dewy Dumpling Skin (Great For Those 40+)

[ad_1] First thing’s first: You can’t achieve a dewy dumpling glow without focusing on skin care. “Instead of investing in the best concealer and foundation then creating the illusion of good skin, you should work for the real thing, right?” Vo quips.  So she starts off by emphasizing the basics—sunscreen, exfoliation, and moisturizer—but she really … Read more