The Two Kinds Of Happiness & Which One Is Actually Detrimental To Your Health

[ad_1] Even from the ancient philosophical perspective, eudaimonia definitions differ. According to Aristotle, virtue and exercising virtue are central to eudaimonia, but also there is consideration given to external goods such as health, beauty, and wealth. Conversely (and for comparison), the Stoics did not believe external goods were necessary; for them, virtue was sufficient and … Read more

Nutrition Experts Really Want You To Eat More Of These Anti-Inflammatory Nuts

[ad_1] Even though pine nuts are nutritious and have been linked with a number of health benefits, they aren’t suitable for everyone.  Pine nuts are considered a tree nut and aren’t safe for people who are allergic to tree nuts. Pine nut allergies can cause life-threatening symptoms, including swelling of the tongue and throat and … Read more

I'm A Longevity-Focused MD & These Are My 7 Keys To Boundless Energy

[ad_1] Now, it’s easy to see how Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Alleviating Stress and Emotional Control, and Mindset—the physical, emotional, and mental components of the energetic elements—can benefit the individual. These five Elements are integral to every health education or wellness program ever created and have undoubtedly been drilled into you by your doctor, workplace wellness … Read more

PSA: This Anti-Inflammatory Spice Could Soothe Arthritis Symptoms, Study Finds

[ad_1] Scientists certainly seem to think so. A recent review of studies1 published in the National Library of Medicine found that curcuma helps reduce inflammation and may be particularly useful for treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis. The authors of the review found that the most commonly researched dose of curcumin (around 1,000–2,000 mg daily) has … Read more

Drink This Type Of Coffee To Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk (By Up To 4% Per Cup)

[ad_1] Type 2 diabetes, which affects around 1 in 10 people in America1, is a chronic disease marked by insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar, so people with type 2 diabetes may have high blood sugar levels, which can lead to heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease1. Diabetes is also … Read more

The Unexpected Way A Holistic Esthetician Eases Inflammation

[ad_1] After looking down at thousands of faces over the last 13 years, holistic esthetician Lesley Thornton knew there was something missing in the vast industry of at-home skin care.  “I realized there was a lack of understanding around ethnic skin and a lack of consumer education around skin care routines,” she tells me in … Read more

PSA: Skin Inflammation Has Become A Public Health Crisis

[ad_1] “Skin health is a public health issue,” she says. “It’s the number one reason that people in America see doctors. The pure number of people who have skin concerns makes it an epidemic. The pure variety of the problems within our skin makes it an epidemic.”  As an example, she points to the increasing … Read more