The Wellness Routine White Lotus Star Meghann Fahy Swears By

[ad_1] If you haven’t seen White Lotus already, you surely know somebody that has. The second installment of the series was an instant obsession for plenty of folks (myself included), much thanks to Meghann Fahy’s turn as the multi-layered and cynically hilarious Daphne Sullivan Of course, this star-making role wasn’t her first. You may also … Read more

A Beauty Editor's Guide To Dark Spots — Everything You'll Ever Need To Know

[ad_1] Practicing smart sun takes a well-rounded, nuanced approach. To start, it means you should be mindful of the time you do spend in the sun. Applying SPF is not an excuse to sunbathe for sport. While we believe spending time outdoors is important for your overall health, treating a tanning session like you’re training … Read more

Gasp — Have We Been Ignoring This Treatment For Deflating Lips?

[ad_1] Here’s the thing: Some people already apply a gentle (emphasis on gentle) retinol around their lips. “If you can tolerate a retinoid in that area, this will help with very superficial fine lines and wrinkles by blending and thickening the skin,” Rachel Westbay, M.D., board-certified dermatologist at Marmur Medical, tells mbg about lip lines. … Read more

Beauty Pros Swear By These 3 High Maintenance Tips To Stay Low Maintenance

[ad_1] For those with thin, sparse brows, eyebrow tinting can be a game-changer: “It maximizes your brow potential by making every hair count,” brow expert Joey Healy says about the service. Meaning, those light, baby hairs above your brows you never really knew existed finally show up to the party, making your arches way more … Read more

What Happens When Wellness Lovers Meet In Miami? Takeaways From Our Recent Event

[ad_1] The first of many Brazilian beauty lessons: Nourishing the body is an act of self-love. So often, we smear on moisturizer for appearances (and just on the skin that shows). But what if we gave our body the head-to-toe TLC it deserves? In her art of self-massage workshop, Dr. Jacqueline Tibbett reminded us that … Read more

This Plumping Ingredient Hydrates Skin From The Inside Out (Not Hyaluronic Acid)

[ad_1] Are ceramide supplements a cure for eczema? No. However, they can be helpful to encourage more hydrated skin from within. See, everyone has ceramides naturally, but not everyone has the same amount.  And without ceramides, your skin barrier will become compromised. “Skin with inadequate skin barrier functions like eczema and atopic dermatitis have low … Read more

Puffy Eyes? Try These Quick Fixes To Reduce The Swelling, Stat

[ad_1] To help deflate the skin in a pinch, many reach for eye masks or patches: These serum-soaked swishes hydrate and cool the area, and many are infused with vasoconstrictors (like caffeine and green tea) that constrict blood vessels and dial down inflammation. Plus, “The pressure from the patches decreases the amount of space fluid … Read more