The Two Kinds Of Happiness & Which One Is Actually Detrimental To Your Health

[ad_1] Even from the ancient philosophical perspective, eudaimonia definitions differ. According to Aristotle, virtue and exercising virtue are central to eudaimonia, but also there is consideration given to external goods such as health, beauty, and wealth. Conversely (and for comparison), the Stoics did not believe external goods were necessary; for them, virtue was sufficient and … Read more

The Big Reason So Many Married Women Lose Interest In Sex, According To Research

[ad_1] Firstly, the study found that women shouldering more of the housework were also likely to perceive that dynamic as unfair—and that feeling of unfairness in the relationship was part of what was leading to lower desire for their partner. This is important, the researchers note in the paper, because it refutes the argument that … Read more

Doing This In Your 30s Can Reduce Your Dementia Risk In Your 70s, Study Finds

[ad_1] One recent study published in JAMA Network looked at signs of hypertension1 (high blood pressure) in early and mid-adulthood, as well as how those markers influenced brain health and dementia risk later in life. Researchers studied over 400 adults in and around the San Francisco Bay Area over many years, collecting data when participants were around … Read more

These 7 Breakfast Foods Are Stressing You Out, Says A Nutritional Psychiatrist

[ad_1] I love low-glycemic fruits, such as berries, for their fiber and polyphenol benefits, as well as the gut-microbiome supporting features of whole milk Greek yogurt (or a dairy-free alternative). However, fruit-flavored yogurt is another surreptitious source of sugar masquerading as a balanced breakfast. It’s important to check your nutrition labels: 4g of sugar is … Read more

I'm A Longevity-Focused MD & These Are My 7 Keys To Boundless Energy

[ad_1] Now, it’s easy to see how Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Alleviating Stress and Emotional Control, and Mindset—the physical, emotional, and mental components of the energetic elements—can benefit the individual. These five Elements are integral to every health education or wellness program ever created and have undoubtedly been drilled into you by your doctor, workplace wellness … Read more

Can't Stop Worrying? You Might Want This On Your Nightstand

[ad_1] Celestite is a mineral made of strontium sulfate, characterized by its light blue color, jagged edges, and icy appearance. According to crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, celestite has been found in Egypt, Madagascar, Mexico, Poland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As she tells mindbodygreen, the name for celestite actually … Read more

Build Up To 700 New Brain Cells A Day With These Neuroscientist-Backed Tips

[ad_1] Think of the hippocampi as the gateway brain structures for memory formation. Long-term memories pass through these structures before being stored throughout the brain. For example, visual cues are routed to and stored in the occipital lobes, sensory cues go to the parietal lobes, sounds head to the temporal lobes, and so on. When … Read more

Do This For 45 Minutes To Majorly Cut Down Your Cortisol Levels

[ad_1] In Boston, pediatrician Michael Yogman writes a new kind of prescription for his young patients: the arts and play. Yogman, who is also an assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, prescribes his patients a daily playful activity to be done with a caregiver or friends, such as dancing, drawing, or playing … Read more

The Unexpected Way A Holistic Esthetician Eases Inflammation

[ad_1] After looking down at thousands of faces over the last 13 years, holistic esthetician Lesley Thornton knew there was something missing in the vast industry of at-home skin care.  “I realized there was a lack of understanding around ethnic skin and a lack of consumer education around skin care routines,” she tells me in … Read more