This Spiritual Sign Has A Lot Of Misconceptions—But It's Nothing To Fear

[ad_1] One of the best ways to interpret tarot cards is by understanding their symbolism and imagery. As Vanderveldt explains, symbolism will vary from deck to deck, but in the traditional Smith Rider Waite imagery, the Death card features a knight on horseback, steadily moving ahead. “There’s people in the scene that call back to … Read more

Coming Across This Spiritual Symbol Says A Lot About Material Success

[ad_1] Generally speaking, the Emperor card is all about leadership, power, authority, and success in the material world, according to author of The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot, Skye Alexander. The Emperor is the fourth card of the Major Arcana, with these cards being particularly complex and significant. Their appearance will often influence the entire reading, … Read more

Pulling This Sneaky Tarot Card Is A Sign Your Partner May Be Lying Or Cheating

[ad_1] Pulling a Seven of Swords card tells you that something is being hidden or the whole picture isn’t being shown, according to tarot reader Jennifer Herrera of Sea & Stone Wellness. Deceit and sneakiness are keywords for this card. For more clues on this card’s meaning, you can look at its imagery: A traditional … Read more

Understanding These Cards Will Take Your Tarot Reading To The Next Level

[ad_1] The Temperance card represents moderation, balance, self-evolution, and avoiding extremes. As author and tarot expert Claire Goodchild previously explained to mbg, this card appears in our lives when we’re feeling out of balance—and sometimes even when we don’t feel out of balance but actually are. It can also indicate that we’ve been too indulgent and need … Read more

Seeing This Sign Can Mean You're Approaching A New Spiritual Path

[ad_1] Whether pulled upright or in reverse, according to Alexander, the Hierophant can often appear in a reading when the querent is questioning things like traditions, beliefs, religion, ideas, systems, structures, and so forth. Particularly, these may be structures you grew up with and, up until now, had accepted. So if you asked about a … Read more

Are You Practicing Spirituality—Or Spiritual Materialism? How To Keep It Real

[ad_1] Spiritual materialism takes place on the internal level in the form of ideas, concepts, and ideologies—or what Trungpa loosely defines as our intellect. Just like we lean on our physical things to bring comfort, we can lean on our intellect to navigate life more comfortably. “Nationalism, communism, existentialism, Christianity, Buddhism,” Trungpa says, “all provide … Read more