Off with a bang: Notes on Session 1 of TED2023

[ad_1] Hosts Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Chris Anderson, and Helen Walters open Session 1 of TED2023: Possibility on April 17, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Photo: Jasmina Tomic / TED) It’s time for TED! In an eclectic and interdisciplinary opening session, artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and more explored the breadth of transformative possibilities that lie ahead … Read more

Announcing TED Tech, TED’s first all-tech conference

[ad_1] TED Tech will take place at the Southbank Centre in London, September 18-19, 2023. Technology’s impact on society and creative expression is transforming the way we think about the world around us. This scale of change has brought uncertainty and fear, but we want the world to build optimism around the potential of AI, … Read more

More than $1B catalyzed for 2023 Audacious Projects

[ad_1] Head of TED Chris Anderson and Audacious Project Executive Director Anna Verghese speak at the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo: Gilberto Tadday / TED) Today, The Audacious Project, a collaborative funding initiative housed at TED, announced that more than one billion dollars has been committed to its newest cohort of projects. This is … Read more

Experience TED2023 live from anywhere — with TED Live

[ad_1] News TED Live brings the excitement of our flagship conference, TED2023: Possibility, to you — wherever you choose to watch.  Access a can’t-miss lineup of diverse thinkers, creators, scholars and changemakers unlocking new possibilities and creating a brighter future. Explore radical shifts in technology, art and culture through this global convening of builders and … Read more

New “TED Radio Hour” three-part series explores “Mind, Body, Spirit”

[ad_1] For millennia, humans have debated the connection between the mind, body and spirit. But today, the phrase sounds trite — a hallmark of the #selfcare industry. Over three episodes of this special series on TED Radio Hour, TED speakers will investigate fresh perspectives on how we think, move and feel. In the first hour: … Read more

Open: The talks of TED@DestinationCanada

[ad_1] TED senior curator Cyndi Stivers hosts TED@DestinationCanada at the TED Theater in New York City on February 23, 2023. (Photo: Gilberto Tadday / TED) When we come together with open hearts and open minds, anything is possible. It was in this spirit that TED partnered with Destination Canada for a day of talks and … Read more

Announcing the most popular TED Talks of 2022

[ad_1] News Head of TED Chris Anderson opens our flagship conference, TED2022: A New Era, held in April 2022 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Photo: Gilberto Tadday / TED) What ideas intrigued and inspired the world in 2022? Our end-of-year lists feature a wide-ranging, classically TED selection of speakers and topics, with groundbreaking science, future-altering tech … Read more

TED Idea Search: Southeast Asia 2022 winners selected

[ad_1] TED curators Cloe Shasha Brooks and Whitney Pennington Rodgers host the TED Idea Search: Southeast Asia 2022 to discover new voices. From July through September, the TED Idea Search: Southeast Asia 2022 applications were open to anyone living in or descended from Southeast Asia. Applicants were required to create a two-minute video as a … Read more

Dare to discover: TEDinArabic hosts third regional event in Ben Guerir, Morocco

[ad_1] TEDinArabic’s third regional event in Ben Guerir, Morocco. (Photo: Qatar Foundation) TEDinArabic brought together some of the world’s brightest minds to share ideas on the importance of outside-the-box thinking to change minds, embrace our shared humanity and shape the future. The event: TEDinArabic, hosted by Al Jazeera correspondent Mohamed Errammach, included four talks centered … Read more

In the Green: Visions of a sustainable future from TED Countdown and the Climate Pledge

[ad_1] Countdown What does it actually take to run a sustainable business? Hear from trail-blazing business leaders on how they’re transforming their industries by committing to a net zero future. In the Green: The Business of Climate Action is a TED series presented by TED Countdown and The Climate Pledge where leaders share hard-won wisdom … Read more