“People come to me for this cool, effortless haircut. It’s the cool girl hair where you don’t have to style it—you could if you wanted to, but you can also embrace the natural texture. It’s that messier, layered, tousled haircut. It’s a little shaggy, maybe there’s some longer curtain bangs. 

“Growing up as a stylist, I assisted Sally Hershberger. I mean she did the Meg Ryan shag cut! And so everyone came to her for this not-so-done, texturized haircut, and what’s really great about them for maturing women is that they instantly make you look younger. I was so inspired by that, and it still influences the way I cut hair 20 years later. 

“I feel like when I want to give people a haircut that when they leave, they can take it home and make them look really good. You’re always going to get compliments on your hair when you leave the salon—but what about a month, two months? I love it when someone comes back and says, ‘Oh I’m still getting compliments on my hair cut.’

“Here’s the deal: COVID really changed things. It brought people back to that place of embracing their natural texture. People are always going to want a beautiful blow dry—that will never go out of style. And people will have times where they want to feel and look glam. But let’s be real, not everyone is going to want to do this all of the time. So you want a cut that will look good on the days where you don’t want to do anything.” 

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