The 5 Best Sleep Headphones To Help You Snooze Through The Night


When picking out headphones for sleeping, you’ll want to take a few elements into consideration.

Sleeping position

The position in which you sleep is crucial for determining the right headphones for you. While a few in-ear options may be comfortable for side sleepers (depending on the angle and depth of the ear canal and how much you shift throughout the night), the headband style might provide more comfort overall. Similarly, if you sleep on your stomach, a full sleep mask might not be the best choice.


The ability to adjust a headband or modify the ear tip on an in-ear option is a significant factor in overall comfort and reliability. Other important considerations here are the quality of the materials used—especially for larger products like masks and headphones. Comfort is key when it comes to sleep, and you want something that is going to add to your sleep experience, not take away from it.

Battery life

Battery life may also be an important factor, especially for light sleepers who would be easily disturbed by a break in frequency. Most headphones that are designed for sleeping will have at least eight hours of battery life, and some have capabilities that prompt the device to power down automatically once you reach a certain depth of sleep, which helps the battery last longer.

Noise cancellation technology

For very light sleepers who are easily disturbed by outside noises (or snoring partners), it’s crucial that your headphones have reliable noise-cancellation capabilities. If you’re not a light sleeper, and simply want to listen to soft music or sounds while you drift off, you probably don’t need to pay the extra money for noise cancellation.


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