The 8 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes + How To Use Them Safely


As the name implies, these tools help to deeply cleanse the skin through manual exfoliation. This isn’t ideal for all skin types, but may be helpful in certain situations. As board-certified dermatologist and Youtube creator Andrea Suarez, M.D., FAAD puts it, “For those with build-up of dry skin this can help smooth the skin and improve skin texture.” 

In addition, those with blemish-prone skin may benefit from the exfoliation of skin cells, Suarez says, that otherwise could clog pores and lead to breakouts. If you have sensitive or redness-prone skin, however, cleansing brushes aren’t going to be the best option as they can cause irritation and more flushing. 

No matter what skin type you have, it’s important to not overdo it with these tools. Try to avoid adding pressure to the brush, cleansing for too long, and using it too frequently. These tools are best for occasional use as your skin can tolerate them. 

One final note: If you are going to use a cleansing brush, take that as your exfoliating for the night rather than lathering on a chemical exfoliant serum afterward. The combination of the two can lead to over-exfoliation, a damaged skin barrier, and some not-so-fun side effects as a result: Think redness, sensitivity, etc.


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