The 8 Biggest Dates In 2023 That Astrologers Already Have Their Eyes On


From December 29, 2022, to January 18, 2023, it’s backing up through Capricorn. As we attempt to set our resolutions, the cosmic trickster reminds us of the old adage, “Man plans, god laughs.” (Nevermind New Year’s Day—we recommend waiting until the January 21 new moon to set yearly intentions in 2023!) In Capricorn, the eldest earth sign and ruler of time-honored wisdom, Mercury puts issues like climate change, health care for the elderly, and environmental justice front and center. But will we listen? Hopefully. With Mercury’s localized focus, changing systems at the neighborhood level can have a major, worldwide impact.

After January 18, we get a little breathing room from the retrogrades until Mercury reverse commutes through money-minded Taurus from April 21 to May 14.

From August 23 to September 15, Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo—a good time to review your day-to-day systems and protect your important data. Cutting corners could have detrimental effects. Take your time and do everything by the books.

The final retrograde of the year arrives like an unwelcome Grinch at the holiday festivities. On December 13, the messenger planet U-turns in Capricorn for the second time this year, turning traditions on their ear. (Stay nimble, Dasher and Dancer!) Mercury rules the postal system, so get those packages out early!

Then, on December 23, Mercury backs up one spot in the zodiac, rounding out its retrograde in unfiltered, hotheaded Sagittarius before correcting course on New Year’s Day 2024. Not only is this a warning to not invite that triggering relative to the tree-trimming, but, since Sagittarius is the ruler of travel, expect long TSA lines, canceled flights, and other annoying disruptions to your journeys. Maybe just stay close to home on NYE or ring in 2024 at a nostalgic locale that you’ve visited in the past.


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