The Astrological "Day of Miracles" Is Coming This Week — Are You Ready?


Friends become lovers, lovers become friends—or you may invent a new labeling system for the people in your life. Before you break any barriers, consider what’s at stake. Blurry lines will inevitably complicate things, especially if one person is thinking “Friends with benefits” while the other is internally screaming, “At last!”

That warning is especially strong on Tuesday when possessive Pluto trines Venus for the day. But if you can get on the same page about status, welcome to your spring awakening. Longtime couples can spice things up by adding an element of surprise to your playtime. Scavenger hunt date nights and weekend getaways keep things fresh. Venus in Gemini makes people endlessly curious, eager to ask and answer questions. Another way to light the fire in this loquacious planetary pairing: A good old-fashioned game of Truth or Dare.

Tuesday also happens to be The Day of Miracles—an yearly event that shines bright enough to have earned itself this name. The magnanimous Sun teams up with boundless Jupiter for their annual alignment and fortune absolutely favors the bold.

In 2023, these heavenly bodies connect in trailblazing, novelty-loving Aries for the first time in over a decade, which supports the boldest and most daring actions. Whatever is in your path, this dynamic duo tints each option with a rosy, can-do glow. But read the safety precautions and make sure you proceed with some sort of plan. It’s easy to overshoot the mark when everything feels so… limitless.


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