The Best BPA-Free Smart Water Bottles + An RD's Take On How To Choose The Right One


Graziano says this really comes down to preferences, lifestyle, and desires. “If your main goal is to increase hydration, look for a smart bottle that gives you regular reminders through vibration, lights, or sounds to sip,” she advises.

On the other hand, Graziano says, “If you geek out over data and love to track your health metrics, a bottle that allows you to track your water progress over the day and integrates with your other fitness apps is likely a good fit.”

For those who have no issues meeting their hydration needs, but find frequent washing to be a hassle, Graziano suggests looking for a bottle with self-cleaning capabilities.

It’s also important to consider materials when choosing the best smart water bottle for you. Look for a water bottle that’s light, durable, and most importantly, BPA-free—as BPAs have been linked to several endocrine and hormonal issues, including fertility problems, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. The two best materials for water bottles are stainless steel and glass, though they might be slightly heavier than plastic bottles.

Think about your daily routines and lifestyle and how often you’ll have access to refill your water bottle. This will help you determine what size will be best for you. If you’re carrying it around with you a lot, you’ll probably want something on the lighter side.

As Gaziano rightly pointed out, there are many features available. Consider your top desires in a smart water bottle, and determine which options meet your needs.


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