The Best Mattresses For Athletes For Better Sleep & Faster Recovery


One of the best smart beds on the market, the ReST Bed is a standout in smart bed technology. The perfect pick for athletes who want to supercharge their sleep experience, it’s beloved by triathlon champions, Ironman champions, and professional athletes alike, who all speak openly about their love for this mattress.

While it’s not a sustainable choice (not many smart beds are), the smart features ensure a curated sleep experience, with a sensor that reads your body’s pressure points, and silently adjusts to relieve them. The bed tracks and houses your sleep data in its corresponding app—which you can use to control the firmness, too, if you prefer a manual adjustment.

There’s also an option to memory-lock your preferences for side or back sleeping, so the bed will adjust settings as you move positions throughout the night. This level of customization is key for athletes.

This mattress comes with free in-home delivery, so the brand will send a two-man team to deliver and install your bed into the room of your choice, at no additional cost to you. You can also have them remove your current mattress, for a one-time fee of $149.

What customers say:

The bed has a 4.8 rating overall with a ton of rave reviews about its comfort and the difference the smart features make in their sleep routine. A shopper writes, “This is truly an amazing mattress. It automatically adjusts to your body’s pressure points while you sleep. There are several preset positions, but my personal favorite is the zero gravity. Customer service is excellent, too.”


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