The Best Online Cycling Classes, From A Triathlete & Avid Cycler


When deciding which platform is right for you, consider the below factors: 

AV preferences: Some brands on our list offer audio only classes, while others have only video (or a mix of both). If you’re hoping to take a break from your screen, platforms such as Aaptiv and Cardio Cast could be a great fit. For a more immersive or community-driven experience, opt for a session through Peloton, Les Mills+, or Zwift. 

Class variety: Some brands on our list have a wider selection of classes than others. Platforms such as Les Mills, SoulCycle and Peloton have extensive rosters of instructors and a wide variety of music and themed rides. It’s also worth considering what other types of exercise you’re hoping to do. Many digital fitness subscriptions offer other workout types, including barre, yoga, strength, kickboxing, and meditation.  

Budget: With bigger names and more variety comes a higher price point. Consider what your goals are and whether you’ll be fully utilizing the platform before committing to a monthly subscription fee. Luckily, every pick on our list offers a free trial period—just be sure to read up on the conditions, because some are more generous than others. 

Community: If you’re a lone wolf, you may not care to dish out high fives mid-ride or race against a friend along an open course (as with Zwift). But if community is important to you, there are plenty of social features that come with most online cycling platforms—so there’s no reason not to prioritize it in your search. 

Your tech & equipment: The bike you choose has a huge impact on the type of indoor cycling experience you’ll have. If you’re a competitive person, you’ll likely want to see how you’re performing in real time and track your stats. The best way to do this is to combine a subscription with a compatible bike (such as Peloton, SoulCycle, Zwift, or Les Mills+, which uses the STAGES bike). But there are plenty of other hacks that will give you a more high-tech experience without buying a specific bike. If tech is important to you, read up on what the compatibility is with various smartwatches or health apps and consider investing in the corresponding bike.


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