The Best Self Care Gifts For Relaxation And Pampering


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Know someone who could do with a little bit of relaxation and recuperation?   

Someone who has been rushing around looking after everyone else and forgetting about themselves?

I’ve hunted out the best self-care gifts out there so you can treat them to some pampering!

(Warning, you may find that want one or two of these things for yourself.  During the research for this post, I decided that I now NEED All.The.Things…)

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A journal can be used in many ways.  For example, to reflect on the good things that have happened each day or to write down dreams, goals and plans.

Here are some great journals I’ve found.

This would be a brilliant gift for anyone new to journaling. It’s packed full of information and journal prompts.  I’ve used similar books containing prompts and they definitely get you into the journaling habit. 


The reviews of this particular diary speak for themselves, be sure to check them out.



Paperchase also has a fantastic range of journals. 


For journal prompt inspiration check out these 50 Helpful Journal Prompts To Unlock Your Self-Discovery.


the best self care gifts


2.  Gift Hampers/Boxes


There are loads of great ready-made self-care gift hamper ideas out there.  They tend to be country-specific and here are a few I’ve found.

Cratejoy offers all manner of gift box subscriptions, many of which ship worldwide.   Here are a couple of my current favourite self-care ones.



Mindfulness Gift Hamper – UK





Wishful parcel gift box US


You could also have a go at making your own!  Here are some ideas for what to include.


3.  Relax In The Bath


There’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot bubble bath after a long stressful day.

If you know someone who loves lazing in the bath then they are going to adore this bathtub caddy Plenty of space to safely slot your book, tablet and drink.  Perfect!

Why not treat them to to a pampering bath gift set to go with the caddy?  Here are a few ideas.


(US Visitors)

(UK Visitors)


Or how about these pretty bath bombs to add a touch of luxury?


brubaker bath bombs


4.  Sleep Well


Sleep is so important for health and wellbeing but let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get our Zs!

Here are some great self-care gifts to help lull anyone into dreamland.

Or, maybe an aromatherapy oil diffuser to lull them off to sleep?  This comes with a range of settings and has 4 timer modes and auto-shutoff.

Eye Masks

I don’t know about you but I need TOTAL darkness to be able to get my Zs properly!  I always have an eye mask nearby, particularly useful in the summer months.

The ones with adjustable straps are the best.

Here’s a colourful selection.

Weighted Blanket

I’m yet to try a weighted blanket.

I’ve heard such good things about them that one is on my wish list!

Research has shown that they can help with insomnia, anxiety and pain amongst other benefits.

Apparently, it’s a bit like getting a hug!  Very soothing!


5.  Luxury Hot Chocolate




What better thing to do on a cold winter’s night than to snuggle down with a mug of luxury hot chocolate?  My ultimate favourite is from Whittard of Chelsea

 Or check out this mixed set.



6.  A Nice Cup Of Tea


As I’m British I couldn’t miss this out now, could I??

Whittard’s do a fantastic selection.

(Click here for UK selection)

How about trying something a bit different with one of their fruit teas?


This Cranberry and Raspberry flavoured tea is lovely.

Or try my current favourite, this fantastic pink lemonade tea. (This is only available via the Whittards website, they ship internationally though).


pink lemonade instant tea

And how about a posh teapot to make the tea in?

I love this cute yellow one from Amazon.

Or this pretty grey polka dot one from Whittards.

grey spot teapot


7.  Neck Massage


If you don’t have anyone to massage your neck for you then this funky tool could be just the thing!  (I have a hubby who could massage my neck but claims it ‘hurts his fingers’ so I may need to invest in one of these myself 😂)

Neck Massager – Amazon


8.  Cosy PJs


Who doesn’t love a pair of cosy PJs??!  I’m addicted to buying new pairs.  I need plenty as I tend to put them on as soon as I get home, whatever the time of day!  😃

Here’s a selection.

(UK Visitors Click Here).

These Panda ones are also cute (US Only)


9.  A Good Book


Whether the person you are buying a gift for loves fiction or non-fiction, the Book Depository has a superb collection and ships worldwide for free!



You may also not realise but you can gift an Audible membership* so that your gift recipient can listen to all their favourite stories and inspirational books on the go!

* US only

I hope you have enjoyed this ultimate list of the best self-care gifts. Which are your favourites?  Do you have anything else you would add to this list?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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