The Best Time Of Day To Eat, Sleep & Exercise, According To Ayurveda


The sun is rising, and the earth is barely starting its metabolic activities. Wet with dew, the planet is still cool from the moon’s effect.

Similarly, our body and its digestive environment (agni) are damp and sluggish with nasal congestion, eye boogers, and even stiff joints. Therefore, the goal is to warm up the body and get it going.

This makes this the ideal time window for Vyayam, or exercise. Exercising at other times in the day can potentially aggravate vata. But in the morning, it fires up the gut, warms up the joints, and gets all bodily fluids in motion. Abhyanga, or a gentle oil massage, before Vyayam can lower the risk of injury and increase the benefits of exercise.

For breakfast, consume something warm and lightly spiced, like porridge with cinnamon, a spiced malt, or stewed fruit. These will support internal warmth. Cold smoothies and drinks, when consumed in the early morning, further dampen the gut. This may give one the illusion of being satiated as the digestive fire dwindles (agni), but this could potentially hurt the gut’s bacteria in the long term.


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