If you frequent the clean beauty space, you may have heard of an “armpit detox.” Some people believe that the transitional stage of switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant will cause the skin to “detox,” essentially purging all impurities. This tends to include an increase in sweat and odor. To be frank, there’s no research to back up this claim. 

However if you have recently switched to a natural deodorant, then you will most likely experience an increase in sweat given the lack of aluminum—the ingredient that blocks the sweat from coming out your pores. This increase in sweat can lead to more armpit pimples, Garshick explains, but only for some individuals.

If you want to use a natural deodorant but fear the increased sweat, just know it varies for everyone and it might not be a problem for you. If it is, you can always do a quick pit-wash midday if you’re worried about sweat buildup. 

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