The Harvest Moon Only Comes Once A Year—Here's How To Work With It


Generally speaking, this moon is going to be a good time for reflecting on the past six months and setting intentions for the next six months. But depending on whether the Harvest Moon falls in September or October, as well as under the sign of Pisces or Aries, there are some nuances to consider.

As the AstroTwins previously wrote for mbg, September’s full moon is always known as the Corn Moon, while October’s is known as the Hunter’s Moon. And if September’s full moon is closer to the equinox than October’s, the Harvest Moon that year would be a Corn Moon.

Under a Corn Moon, the twins says, you want to focus on “celebrating agricultural fertility and feminine energy.” If October’s full moon is closer to the equinox, on the other hand, the twins say a Hunter’s Moon is a good time to “Reflect on the summer months and set autumnal intentions,” they say.

In addition to which month the Harvest Moon falls in, it will also fall under a particular astrological sign and season. Harvest moons always take place during either Virgo or Libra season, and under the sign of Pisces or Aries, respectively.

That’s because every full moon will fall under the opposite sign of the current astrological season. Or in other words, the full moon during Virgo season is always in Pisces, while Libra season’s full moon is always in Aries.

And according to the twins, an Aries full moon is a time to “celebrate what you love about yourself, and release any negative vibes around your self-image,” while a Pisces full moon “represents mystical oceanic waters,” and is a good time to “visit a large body of water, take a dip, or listen to waves via audio recording.”

Keeping those themes in mind, here are so more things you can do to lean into the energy of the Harvest Moon:


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