After separating your bangs from the rest of your hair, start with “The roots facing down towards the face but the ends sweeping upward towards the top of the head, which can be counterintuitive,” Celebrity Hair Stylist and Co-Founder of Trademark Beauty Joseph Maine tells mbg. “Almost as if you are trying to flip the ends upward,” he adds. 

By keeping the roots flat but the ends swooped, you’ll achieve the classic curtain bangs style—not too round, not too flat. You can use either brush for this approach, but a round brush will deliver more bounce and volume. 

If you have a widow’s peak, then you’ll want to work on reversing the natural sway of your part. Do this by blow drying your widow peak the opposite direction that it naturally falls. This will help relax the kink so you can part your hair straight down the middle.

It’s important to note that it may take some time for your widow’s peak to lay flat. To assist the process, even more, be sure to set your bangs with clips (more on that to come). And remember, you can still rock curtain bangs with a widows peak!

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