If you’re gearing up for a wedding, “The skin prep should come before the dress,” Marino tells mbg. Yes, this often means months prior—maybe four or five months, if possible. Even if you aren’t walking down the aisle, spacing out your treatments is key. “Starting regular facials a few months before something big is always ideal, as it gives your facialist time to get to know your skin and begin prepping it for the event,” she continues. 

This means last-minute facials with extractions, deep chemical peels, microneedling, etc., are a definite no-go if you only have a week or so left. Plus, a one-time pass likely won’t deliver dramatic results. “​​It’s important to remember that one facial, laser, microneedle, or peel is a treat, and about four is considered ‘treatment,’” Marino reiterates.

Especially if you want to fade dark spots, minimize breakouts, work on any kind of scarring, ease fine lines, or have any other larger skin goal, then it may take a few months to get you there. That being said, a lymphatic drainage massage or hydrating facial may be beneficial days before a special day—just be sure to let your esthetician know you have a big event coming up.

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