The key to unlock success.


In life we have certain goals. Those goals gives us satisfaction and joy. For the sake of goals we are ready to sacrifice anything possible. 

Defination of success various from one person to another.For one, success is earning millions, for another it is being popular, for one success is to serve humanity, for another success is to be best at all area of life!

Let it be any goal from being healthy,earning money,gaining popularity, fulfilling desire of becoming something , serving humanity, maintaining good relationship or learning new skills, etc everything can be possible only based on one thing that is Willpower!

Yes willpower is the one of the basic key ingredient required to achive success!

 For achieving goals , One must know ‘what is his goal ‘ and second is his ‘will power’ to achieve it…. And third is his attitude of ‘not giving up’ irrespective of  challenges. ….

Another thing is How will you achieve success, when u will achieve, rest all will be taken care automatically if you know why you have to achieve it! This why will lead to willpower! Stronger the reason, stronger the willpower,

Often people ask for tricks and tips for success. They go for step by step process like planning ,organising and execution etc. But each person is different, each one’s way of dealing with problem is different, perception towards success is different, thus way of achieving success will be different too. Thus tips of one cannot be applied to all!

 I believe if you have strong willpower you will work on success automatically, and even if challenges come, with your will power you can deal with toughest situation of life. To achieve success you dont need step by step process you need strong willpower and an ability to not to give up!

Does lack of resources stops us in achieving goal?

Some people say they cant do things because they dont have resources. But where as on the other hand some people dont have resources still they do it more then others only because they have strong will power!

For example, automan’s kids scoring 98% whereas rich person’s kids just getting passing marks! This is real life example… Let me narrate the whole experience:- Once I took an auto to go  college. The driver just was asking me about where I  study, and which college is best. I answered his questions. Later in conversations, I came to know that he has a daughter, and she wanted to become doctor! She scored 98% in her board exams. I saw the happiness in father’ s eyes who is ready to do anything for her daughter’ s dream.I felt so happy by the way he spoke and amazed to see willpower of his daughter.

          It was the same day, where I noticed in my class, one of my batchmate’s parents was called for complains! I came to know that his background is very rich. But For him studies doesnt matter anything …The only thing he does is to make fun of others, playing,roaming and doing all kinds of stupid habits which doesn’t make any sense.

Thus Its so very clear that more then resources will power matters! As said If you have a strong will you will definitely find a way!

Does health stops us in achieving goal?

Health might challenge us more but still at certain extent we are  a victim of excuses!

You desire to achieve certain thing but If your health is effected then it doesnt mean you cant achieve it but it only means you require more strong will power to achieve it!

For example:- There are many life stories where one who doesn’t have hand is a great painter…he paints by his mouth and that to amazing. This things can only be possible because he had a strong interest in painting!  

Does Age stops us in achieving  goal?

Nope. Age is just a number . I have saw 70 years old learning english language! Infact recently.. in headlines, there was group of 15 people and everyone’s age is above 50 and they climbed mountains! I  am like wow! Thus age really doesnt matter!

Does circumstances stops us in achieving goal?

Circumstance can make things worse and can make it challenging to achieve goal. If we are stronger then the situation and our willpower is stronger then situation automatically situation become smaller. Many a times success comes when situation is tougher!

Just try to check background of any successful people, you will be shocked to see the pain and struggles behind their success. Thus success is by product of pain,struggles and strong will power to achieve things!

Thus if problems and challenges comes …congratulations it comes to make us one step ahead of where we are, gives us lessons, makes us more stronger,more wiser but only if we are ready to accept and grow out of it!

Thus it depends on how we take things and respond to it!

Thus problems doesnt stop us in achieving success it is us who take problem as excuse and leave our dreams simply! We show sympathy on ourself and see ourself as victim of problems…but in reality we are victim of excuses!

 If you have strong willpower irrespective of situation or any problems,  you will definitely   achieve success!

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