The Most Analytical People You Know Probably Have This Aura Color


People with characteristically brown auras are typically associated with being analytical, logical, and practical, according to aura reader and stylist Susanna Merrick. As she explains it, these people are interested in problem solving and understanding things on a very physical level.

Thinking about the color brown itself, which is linked with Earth—it makes sense that these are going to be grounded, material folks.

On top of that, Merrick tells mbg, auras can also become brown when someone is moving through muck and mud, so to speak, and being stubborn or getting too muddled by the ongoings of their lives.

“Brown is made from every color, so in that sense, you might be feeling more stuck, stubborn, or needing to make decisions but don’t have clarity,” Merrick explains, adding you could also be feeling judgmental and/or triggered when brown appears in your aura.


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