The Most Important Thing To Know About Capricorn Season 2022, From An Astrologer


Capricorn season begins on December 22 this year, the day after the winter solstice, and the day before the new moon in Capricorn. As astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mbg, this energy is setting us up really nicely to find some grounding amid a potentially hectic time of year. (Hello, holiday stress!)

Capricorn is the last earth sign of the astrological year, and Caps are best known for their propensity to work hard, achieve success, and hold themselves to a high standard. This means we can all expect to do some digging into what success looks like to us, and how we can get ourselves there, in the coming weeks.

However, we’re also going to have two big planetary players in retrograde during this year’s Capricorn season, Quinn tells mbg: Mercury, from December 28 to January 18, and Mars (which has been retrograde since late October) until January 12. With both Mercury and Mars in retrograde, there will be a focus on reflecting and refining, but we may start to feel a bit impatient.

Quinn explains that this density will start to dissipate once both planets are back on their direct routes, and that’s when we can actually start putting our reflections into action. “So it’s going to be a lot of the grunt work towards the things we want to see come into fruition, and it won’t be until the end of January that the energy’s going to lighten up,” she adds.

Luckily, though, Capricorn is always up for any task, and its grounding, practical energy will not only help us see what needs to be addressed but apply the structures and traditions that can best support us. This groundedness will also be particularly helpful during the holiday season, which is all about structure and tradition in its own way, Quinn notes.


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