The Next Iteration Of The Houseplant Trend Is Here: What To Expect In 2023


If you could use a little more color in your space, you wouldn’t be alone. Lindsay Pangborn, Bloomscape’s gardening expert, predicts that soon, “We will definitely see plants with bold foliage that stray away from the typical green houseplants trending in consumer purchases.”

She notes that as the return to work becomes more solidified in the coming year, “We’ll be seeing consumers prioritizing their office spaces, whether in their work buildings or home workstations,” adding that plants double as décor and a way to improve productivity and creativity.

And as Erin Marino with The Sill tells mindbodygreen, the plant retailer is seeing consistent interest in their flowering varieties. The company launched a blooming collection of plants in 2020 as a response to the pandemic, in the hopes that it would lift spirits, and customers were super into it.

“The collection—mostly orchids—was meant to be a limited-time offering but resonated with our customers and community so much, it’s become a core part of our plant assortment,” Marino says, adding that flowering plants like Phalaenopsis orchids, Bromeliads, and Anthuriums consistently hold spots within their top 20 products.

Pangborn, too, has seen Bromeliads be a hit among flowering plant enthusiasts, thanks to their long-lasting blooms, as well as Red Anthuriums, which feature gorgeous scarlet-red flowers. And don’t forget that plants don’t need to actually have flowers to be colorful! Burgundy Rubber Trees, for example, have dramatic, dark red undertones, and Stromanthe Triostars have white and green leaves splashed with a bold hot pink underside, Pangborn tells mbg.


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