Wellness trends come and go, but one health goal is forever—drinking more water. With hydration so connected to the full spectrum of our health, it’s no wonder H2O is always top of mind. But these days, hydration isn’t just a numbers game. Quality is just as important as quantity. 

And now more than ever. Opening our faucets to a stream of tap water is certainly a privilege, but that doesn’t make our tap water free from dozens of contaminants… Beyond large scale crises like Flint, Michigan, or Jackson, Mississippi, compromised water systems exist in communities across the States. From heavy metals to microplastics, there’s more lurking in our water than we realize. In fact, research has proven that over the last 34 years, water quality violations have impacted anywhere from 9 to 45 million people across the country. Access to safe drinking water is a growing crisis in the U.S. and yet, there still lacks a nationwide plan to fix it. We have to take matters into our own hands.

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