The One Natural Toothpaste That Actually Makes My Mouth Feel Clean


As mentioned, I’m not exactly new to the world of natural-leaning toothpaste brands. I’ve learned that personally, I’d rather brush with a fresh minty flavor than a complex lemon, zingy anise, or floral lavender taste. What’s more, I’m not willing to compromise on a good clean or noticeable whitening power—even if that means exposure to less savory ingredients. 

After using and not loving countless options, I tried the Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste, and I quickly became obsessed. It works even better than conventional pastes I was using previously—not just to whiten my teeth, but also to leave them feeling freshly polished day in and day out. 

Rather than fluoride, Wellnesse calls upon hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that works wonders to polish the teeth and strengthen enamel. It pair this active ingredient with neem oil, which reduces the deposition of plaque and enhances the immune response in the mouth. Plus, the formula even relies on green tea extract to help fight bad bacteria. 

Altogether, the blend is a supercharged good-for-you paste that actually works. Plus, they even have a natural strawberry flavor for those who prefer something other than mint (perfect for the kiddos). 


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