The Product I Swear By To Boost My Energy All Winter Long Is 20% Off


There’s a lot to love about the arrival of autumn: gut-healthy pumpkin spice drinks, fall nail colors, cozy date nights, and cold weather i.e. your built-in excuse to stay in and cook your favorite healthy meals. But the seasonal change also comes with a few not-so-pleasant side effects: dry skin, a more vulnerable immune system, and fewer hours of sunlight. And while I’d rather not endure any of these shifts, the last one is the worst. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced the all-too-familiar afternoon slumps that come with less sunlight. Research backs me on this, showing that the sun can actually have a huge impact on our energy levels, as well as our mood, cognitive function, and our circadian rhythm

Unfortunately, the day doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, which means I need another way to avoid the dreaded energy slump, and no natural solution works quite as well as a light therapy lamp a.k.a. a sun lamp.

While you can find many sun lamps on the market, my tried-and-true is the Verilux HappyLight. Designed without the unnecessary bells and whistles seen on many other options, it’s a true budget-friendly pick that does exactly what it needs. Here’s why I’m obsessed (and suggest you shop ASAP while it’s on sale).


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