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Human resource management is considered to be one of the core functional areas of a company or any organization. The basic prerequisite for the smooth, growth riding functioning of a organization the concerns of the working people within a organization needs to be addressed first and in a satisfactory manner. This guarantees the prevalence of a healthy, mutually trustworthy, dynamically growth seeking and integrally bounding work atmosphere of an organization. Because of this crucial and central role in improving performance of an organization, the career opportunities which are presented in this discipline are huge. One notable part of the career opportunities of human resource management degree is that it still offers some of the highest earning jobs across various disciplines and job positions and the annual average income of the professionals of this discipline are much well above the national average of annual income. Definitely there are reasons behind the discipline of human resources management being in the 4th rank in the top 10 rankings of best jobs in the country ( according to current ranking list published by the Money Magazine).

Some of the most important questions and some of the equally important fields of professional exposure in regard to the career opportunities of human resources management degree are discussed here below:

Key Job Responsibilities of a HR Professional

Before we are all set to discuss about the career opportunities of human resource management degree, let us have a closer look at the basic job responsibilities of a professional human resource manager. The key responsibilities of this profession include providing and assuring a better inter organizational culture, establishing and maintaining guidelines in regard to integrity and compliance, providing assurance of maintaining a healthy, mutually trustworthy working environment, maintaining fast and steady growth in the delivering capacities of the employee, providing a well defined career growth of the employees within the organizations, providing rewards and recognitions for the deserving excellence, recruiting best suitable employees in the respective vacancies and handling concerns and grievances of the employees to minimize the negative influence of any unsatisfactory condition.

Here below we provide some of the notable career opportunities of human resource management degree in regard to different job responsibilities.

√ General Role as a Human Resource Manager

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The general role of a human resource manager does not need much of specialized knowledge in any particular area of human resource management. From staffing, grievance handling, payroll management, these general duties constitute the professional responsibilities of a human resource manager in various government, business and international organizations.

√ Job of Workforce Employment

Most of the entry level positions in various business organizations are supposed to look after these responsibilities of recruitment and staffing. The job responsibilities of this type of career opportunities of human resource management degree include interviewing, recruitment, background investigation, conducting pre-employment tests, processing transfer of employees, promotions, terminations etc.

√ Human Resource Development

This type of career opportunities of human resource management degree can also be applied for aspirants who are seeking entry level positions in business organizations. The job responsibilities of this category include conducting training sessions for the employees, career planning, career counseling, leadership development, etc. Related: Top 7 Features of a Highly Effective Executive Leadership Development Program

√ Remuneration and Rewards Processing

This specialty of the career opportunities of human resource management degree typically deals with more paperwork than human interaction. The responsibilities of this type of job positions include processing salary and other remunerations, processing rewards and recognitions for the deserving employees, processing various kinds of reimbursements, maintaining employee data reserve, evaluation of jobs and job responsibilities, evaluating compensation for different level of employees, etc.

√ Employee and Labor Relation Management

This is a crucial type of human resource job which involves numerous social factors and growth of the company. These jobs are very high in demand of deserving candidates for various employee relation specialist posts in government, international organizations and business enterprises.

√ Risk Management Jobs

This type of career opportunities of human resource management degree are for people who have developed competence in dealing with safety measures, risk handling and medical procedures.

The above mentioned discussion about the career options or career opportunities of human resource management degree only considered to mention the most notable ones and can serve as an indicative knowledge about the professional exposure of the field.

Job Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager

Human resource managerial position in any company is considered to be one of the key management positions which provide the backbone to the smooth and growth seeking operation of a company. It plays a crucial role in maintaining employee satisfaction, performance management of the employee in respect of job deliverables and overall growth of the company by incorporating the vision and objectives of the company in the collective collaboration of the employees. A human resource manager is responsible to perform a wide array of job duties in conformity with the above mentioned principles. From mere maintenance of employee attendance to processing of salary and remuneration to talent hunting and recruitment to addressing employee grievances to providing rewards and recognition to the deserving employees, job responsibilities of a HR manager is seemingly boundless. 

Here we are introducing a few of the most important job responsibilities of a Human Resource manager.

√ Human Resource Manager’s administrative duties

Human resource manager of a company is supposed to look after several administrative duties within the organization concerning the employee and workforce of the company. In many ways it differs from one company to another or from one working environment to another in accordance with the staffing principle of the company or work attitude of the organization. For instance, one company where a greater number of staffs are in off roll and outsourced from a staffing agency outside the jurisdiction of the company definitely would differ a lot in regard to the administrative management of the employee than a organization where employees are mainly recruited on roll basis and there is no outsourcing of staffs. Several important areas of administrative responsibilities of a human resource manager include, processing of offer letter and appointment letter for the selected employee, processing of salary and remuneration, employee attendance and time management, verification of employee documents and background, employee record management, etc.

√ Performance Management responsibilities

Among the various areas of job responsibilities of human resource manager this is the most crucial because of its typical important role of bridging the company objective with the collective professional goal of employees. This integrity is one major area of concern behind uplifting the performance standard of the employees of an organization. The main job responsibilities in this segment include, staff recruitment and induction, staff retention, performance and work standard enhancing mechanism, rewards and recognition, career development of the employees through a well defined promotion and increment criteria, employee grievance management, maintaining integrity of the employees with company vision and objectives, etc.

√ Principle Building responsibilities

Along with the basic administrative responsibilities and performance enhancing responsibilities there are other important areas of responsibility for a human resource manager which is most crucial in letting the top management know about the necessities and required changes in attitude toward work ethics and employee of the organization. This area of job responsibilities of human resource manager is supposed to pay the company huge benefits in the long run and in today’s aggressive scenario of talent hunting no company can afford to remain backward in this front. With this responsibility area human resource management becomes an area of continuous feedback and development process. Some of the key job responsibilities of this segment include, evaluation of human resource management principle of the company, building and development of more participatory process for better employee participation in the decision making process of the company, employee referral program for better manpower handling and staffing, building employee skills and creativity through a organic process of sharing and participation, etc. Related: How to Engage Employees: Tips for Improving Employee Motivation and Engagement

Being one of the key job positions in any modern day business and non-business organizations, human resource management positions are expected to perform such wide variety of duties which are crucial for the growth and survival of any organization. The above mentioned introduction to the areas of job responsibilities of human resource manager is enough to explain this importance.

How Recession Affects the Human Resource Practices or Policy ?

We have not even crossed a full five year after facing one of the most crushing economic recessions in the preceding decades. We have seen huge lay offs, shrinking employee strength and business establishments in various large corporations and huge bearing of these depressive factors on the gross social psychology and buying culture of people. Nevertheless these factors on various social and economic layers can be observed in the internal work atmosphere of business establishments also and human resource being the department looking after the issues relating to employees and staffs has passed through one of the most trying times. How recession affects the human resource policy can be observed from various levels of employee management, retention and recruitment policies and compensation policy. How recession forced companies and various organizations to make serious changes in their components of human resource policy, we will introduce here categorically.

Contingency Plan

In a global economic crisis which we have experienced in the near past, the management should have a wide array of contingency plans for taking crucial decision in regard to making employee force productive and revenue generating. Any odd factor in the international business or economic scene can surprise you with tremendous pressure on cost front or in the top line sales level but if you are prepared with more number of shock absorbers, you are likely to stay steady despite all bumps.

Job and Retention

This is the most common and invariably most influencing area where recession gets through more easily. When it is commonly said that recession means your job is at stake, many a times it proves otherwise. Recessive factors can compel company to practice a more rigorous retention plan in some sectors where the density of the skilled and key responsible employees is highest. In most of the sectors where unskilled employees are huge in number, layoffs and job freeze are the common rules of the game. In respect of retention of the employees and job freeze recession affects the human resource policy most.

Productivity Enhancing Measures

Special attention towards productivity and revenue generation and special measures taken by the company to raise productivity are the sure signs of how recession affects the human resource policy. Employee productivity and performance is the most important factors in the time of recession and human resource management team have to become more proactive to ensure that. Brainstorming session for employees’ active participation in the management decision, maintaining a calm atmosphere where employees can be assured of the supportive role of the company, these are some of the important human resource initiatives which define productivity enhancing measures. Reviewing employee performance and productivity status regularly and discussing measures for raising that standard are the regular features of human resource of management in the time of recession. Related: Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity into success

To provide a focused picture of how recession affects the human resource policy we have only mentioned here three basic and fundamental areas of influence of recession on the business process of companies.

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