Some things that make me happy in my life. Which are happening frequently in my life and which gives me great pleasure.

My Parents:

I have a small family with my parents and two younger brothers. My father is a teacher and with his earnings, household expenses are incurred and there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house. My family cheers like a shadow and in which I keep trying to do something big in my life with joy.
“My parents is a wealth that has no value.”

My Friends:

My every endeavor in my life is also supported by my friends, who keep me excited for all my work. With whose cooperation I got various certificates during my studies, which has been a big reason for my happiness.
I believe that in my high school, with the support of friends, the name has been nominated in school.

For Friends;

“My shadow is my friend,
If swept away, there is an edge; friend.”

Affection Of All:

I want to tell through my words that; hatred closes its doors of your happiness. As long as you maintain hatred towards someone, you cannot succeed in your life not can you ever be happy.
Therefore, I wish that you will always be happy in your life and never hurt anyone.

Published by Manoj Prajapati


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