The Spiritual Meaning Of Blue, According To Color Therapy Experts


If you’re looking to bring some of blue’s positive energy into your life, there are a number of things you can do to align with it. For one thing, healing and/or unblocking your throat chakra is a good place to start. (Here’s how, if you’re curious).

Ultimately, as Firester tells mbg, blue’s connection to the throat chakra relates to the need to speak up, give time to yourself to articulate your needs, and to create boundaries as well. “It also is related to needing to listen sometimes, and making sure you have the space in which you are listened to as well,” she notes.

So to bring more blue into your life, think about how you need to be heard. “Taking the time to put words to your feelings and making space to hear yourself in this way can be very helpful,” Firester says, adding that singing, writing, and expressing yourself authentically will bring this chakra to balance.

You could also incorporate more blue shades into your home decor. Just remember that from the feng shui POV, this isn’t recommended if you’re prone to feeling sad or lonely at home.

Blue crystals such as lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, or sodalite, may also be worth adding to your spiritual toolbox, as they’re all associated with personal expression and the throat chakra. Similarly, doing candle rituals with blue candle can help you work with this color.

Light blue candles would be good if you’re having trouble accepting a situation or you want to tap into truth, AlMuhaiteeb notes, while an indigo candle “would be to call in a higher frequency life purpose—things that are not only for your benefit but also has the collective in mind.”

And of course, there are always natural bodies of water (or water rituals) to connect both with the color blue, but also Mother Earth, and a larger sense of peace and calm.


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