The Surprising Reason Your Brows Are Uneven + How To Deal


For the side sleepers out there, this may be bad news. “Sleeping on one side is actually pretty detrimental because the friction is breaking down the muscle, making the face slack a bit faster on one side,” Healy explains. 

What’s more, sleeping on one side actually affects the rate at which your brow hairs shed. “The increase in friction can cause the brow hairs to shed faster, especially in the tail of the brow,” Healy explains. In turn, this can cause thinning of the brow and an early cut-off. 

“However, if you naturally have very strong, conditioned brow hairs that are well-rooted, this shouldn’t be as big of a problem,” he notes. Yep, just another reason to add a brow serum to your beauty routine. 

If you’re truly concerned about how sleeping on one side will impact your skin or brows, you can try to switch to sleeping on your back. The transition isn’t always easy, but it is certainly possible. 

Healy also recommends investing in a silk pillowcase. This will help decrease friction and prevent threads tugging at the brow hairs. Plus, your hair and skin will thank you, too.


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