The thing about diamonds….


Life can sometimes  be a sucker punch right to the gut.

The kind that knocks the wind right out of you and leaves you gasping for air on the verge of tears. There is no manual handed to you explaining how to get through life, and sometimes life well…  happens. And it happens to the best of us. Just when you think that you and life have finally found a way to live in harmonious bliss … wham!

There goes that sucker punch.

In my 28 years of existence the one thing that I have learned is that the only way to conquer life is to punch back.

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More than 100 miles under the earths surface;

Under 725,000 pounds of pressure;

In about 2,000 degree temperatures;

A diamond is made.

Life isn’t defined by how well one has handled the easy times they have faced but rather how they have prevailed even despite having every odd against them. Your hardest times often lead to your greatest moments…. If you don’t give up. The thing about diamonds is that they are the strongest and one of the most beautiful natural substances on this earth, but yet they are made under the most harshest of circumstances. Think about it, no success story, no matter how great or minuscule,  is without its share of hardship.

Pressure does not have to mean that you are failing; it just might mean that you are in a process of being turned into a diamond. But just like a diamond when the pressure presents itself don’t crumble, only hollow rocks with no substance crumble. Come right back to the top stronger, wiser and far more superior than before. And even if life tries to throw you the most unexpected and shadiest of sucker punches, don’t forget to punch back!


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