These 3 Ingredients Are A+ For Firmer Skin & Restoring Collagen


Hydrated skin is the cornerstone of smart skin care: Not only does proper hydration make your complexion appear plump and dewy, but consistent dehydration can lead to premature aging (think: sagging skin and wrinkles) down the line. 

You can slather on every hyaluronic acid serum you can get your paws on, but again, going internal may provide the glistening, juicy cherry on top. If your skin won’t stay moisturized, experts specifically recommend ingesting ceramides; the ceramides naturally present in your skin are what help keep moisture locked inside (you can think of them as the “glue” holding your skin barrier together), but you can consume them orally to increase water retention and restore the lipid barrier. 

Here, you can find our list of top notch beauty supplements, a few of which include ceramides in their ingredient lists. Feel free to top off your skin care routine with a ceramide cream, too, for good measure. 


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