These 3 Zodiac Signs Need To Prepare For An *Extra Intense* New Moon


This month’s new moon in Scorpio is set to peak on October 25 at 6:48 am EST, and according to Quinn, the corresponding partial solar eclipse in Scorpio could result in some unexpected (and potentially positive) surprises coming our way—in addition to setting the stage for a transformation or rebirth.

“Whenever we have a solar eclipse, the moon is between the sun and the Earth, and solar eclipses bring unexpected blessings and help connect us with our divine path more,” Quinn tells mbg.

She adds that eclipses can also leave us feeling a bit disorderly, so even though it’s a new moon, she doesn’t necessarily recommend trying to manifest anything right now. “Things are happening outside of our control, so it’s really the best time to trust the unknown,” she explains.

And while we can all expect to feel the energy of this important astrological event, Quinns says there are three signs in particular that will be impacted the most.

(Note: The following applies to sun, moon, and rising signs, and/or if you have three or more placements in one of these signs.)


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