These 5 Hacks Can Reduce Anxiety (And You've Never Heard Them Before)


Sometimes the most effective techniques take no longer than five minutes. Take this “treasure-hunt” technique from clinical neuroscientist psychiatrist Daniel Amen, M.D., for example: “Every night before I go to bed, I say a prayer,” he explains. “I go on a treasure hunt, and I ask myself what went well today. I start at the beginning of the day, and I search through each hour of what happened that made me happy.” You can even write down your thoughts in a journal, if that helps you keep track.

Essentially, it’s like a bedtime gratitude practice that primes your mind for positivity. “I’m actually setting my dreams up to be more positive, which also means I’m going to be happier tomorrow,” Amen adds.

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Of course, there are way more anxiety-busting tips where that came from as we continue to learn more about how to nurture our brains—and you can bet we’ll be discussing it all on the pod.


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