These Meal Delivery Services Offer Balanced Meals To Help With Weight Loss


The sign-up process starts by offering a choice of six eating plans, including a basic clean-eating, paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, or Whole30-approved option. Along with your desired type of meals, you can select to have 5, 7, 10, or 14 prepared meals delivered per week. Want even more meals covered? Trifecta also allows you to add on breakfasts, so you can front-load your day with nutrients.

The primary downside of this service is the lack of choices; meal selections are based on the chef’s choice, factoring in your allergies and dietary requirements. While you’ll get very little control over the actual prepared recipes sent your way, you will have the choice to exclude two ingredients, such as soy, nuts, or mushrooms. 

Regardless of your final plan, you can rest assured knowing every recipe is macro-balanced and approved by a dietitian. Meals typically have between 350 and 500 calories and are high in protein, which helps keep you full and regulates appetite. Best of all, they take just three minutes to heat up in the microwave and can be stored in your fridge for up to two weeks (or freezer for up to three months).

A few meals we’ve tried: 

-Pollo Guisado white meat chicken with tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and citrus

-Tropical Garlic Shrimp with bell peppers, lemon, and coconut

Sustainability & Quality: Trifecta does what it can to reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary steps in the food supply chain and using sustainable packaging whenever possible. All packaging is 100% recyclable, but the company’s goal is to use biodegradable packaging by 2023.

Cost: From $12 per meal

What our editor says:

“If you have weight loss goals, certain dietary preferences, or simply want to take the guesswork out of eating healthier, Trifecta is a great meal delivery option. I enjoyed it even though I love to cook, but these fully prepared meals would be even better for someone who wants to spend a very minimal amount of time in the kitchen.” — Carleigh Ferrante, commerce editor

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