These Tension-Relieving Acupressure Mats Are Worth The TikTok Hype


While they’re fairly new on the scene, the concept of these mats is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been utilizing the healing benefits of acupressure for thousands of years.

“Acupressure mats use a combination of heat and pressure (in the form of small plastic spikes) to stimulate the body’s natural healing energy. The idea is that this will soothe and relax your muscles, ease tension, reduce stiffness, and increase blood flow—all without you needing to take time out for a full-on treatment by an acupuncturist,” explains Jamie Bacharach, Dipl.Ac., Licensed Medical Acupuncturist and Head of Practice at Acupuncture Jerusalem

According to Bacharach, other common benefits of acupressure mats can include improved sleep, reduced headaches, loosened muscles, and reduced sciatica pain.

Studies have also shown acupressure to be an impactful way to reduce stress and anxiety, and you can even utilize the practice for bloating, brain fog, or to boost your immunity.


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