These Two Signs Make For A Zodiac Power Couple, Astrologers Say


Scorpio has a reputation for being, well, sexy, and according to Racioppi, Virgo can be extremely receptive to Scorpio’s energy. “Virgo can be incredibly mental, so if the Scorpio can bring ‘the mental’ into sex, and the Virgo can help the Scorpio say what they really need to say, there can be wonderful compatibilities where they’re helping each other,” she explains.

Scorpio will also appreciate Virgo’s “stamina” when it comes to meeting Scorpio in the depths of wherever they are. “They’re both so intense,” Pennington tells mbg, adding that this relationship will also require a solid foundation of trust. (Something that doesn’t necessarily come easy to either of these signs.)

Relationships for these signs come with a healthy dose of skepticism, with Pennington noting, “Virgos [look] to make sure that everything they create is trustworthy and that they’ve done their homework. And Scorpio is really just investigating.” In short, these two aren’t the most “open” signs, when compared to signs like Gemini or Libra, for instance.

Another thing to note is that Virgo and Scorpio can strike a nice balance of emotion and practicality, with Virgo offering grounding, and Scorpio encouraging feeling, Pennington explains. Virgo can also be extremely self-critical, and the love of a Scorpio may help them finally see that they’re worthy of love just as they are, she adds.

And similar to friendships, Racioppi emphasizes the power these two hold when they’re on a mission together: “If they agree on a vision, or they agree on what matters to them—I mean, this is a power couple.”


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